We are currently discovering how vulnerable our economy is. The Corona / Covid-19 pandemic has taken us all by surprise and presents new challenges to our society as well as our economy. An enormous effort awaits all of us in the coming weeks.

Our common goal is now a priority to further contain and slow down the spread of corona. The economy can play a drastic role in setting the direction. Send your employees to the home office, if your business allows this!

You have concerns? Don’t know how to handle it? Then we would be happy to support you! Our company has always been structured in such a way that we can work from anywhere. So we know exactly the challenges that this form of work implies. You can read more about our story in an article from german speaking Zeit magazine.

Telephone consultancy. Free of charge.

We would like to show solidarity and do our part so that companies can continue to work and still bring down the social life in the actual time. For this we are happy to make our experience available to you on the phone.

Of course, we cannot optimize every process at an initial consultation. We rather see our offer as a contact point to clarify the most urgent questions and to give first recommendations how you can spontaneously integrate home office in your company.

Of course we would also be happy to provide you with long-term support in matters of digitisation. But this is not the actual purpose of this offer. First of all we would like to give you some assistance. Please leave us your data for this reason. We will get in touch with you soon!

Information about your company.

How and when can we reach you?