Our goal is always to ensure that your costs for our work are amortized through the transformation in your company. Of course, you first need an investment in this case. But our work should build new business areas, simplify processes in the company or generate more turnover.

Our customer base spans from regional one-man businesses to global corporations. Our range of services is therefore scalable and adapts to the needs and budgets of each individual project. So please feel free to name your requirements – we will gladly tackle them together.

Fairness is important to us for both sides. Therefore we purposely avoid package prices. Even if this is a nice sales tool, our clients do not always get what they really need. And we would have to cross-subsidize services in order to operate economically.

And what does it cost?

Our pricing is based on the usual rates of our competitors. However, we use a proprietary algorithm to find the final price of a service. Too many factors play a role for everything to be reduced to an hourly rate.

We will gladly calculate a project together with you. We are open for your project ideas and will surely find a way to work together.