We are pleased that you are interested in our services. We are happy to assist you – no matter whether you are already a digital full professional or a newcomer in this field. If you book only a single area or if we take care of you completely depends on your ideas. We support you!

What kind of services do you offer?

We cannot define our services as straightforward packages. Too often the fields are interrelated and too often a task is so complex that it affects several areas. Nevertheless we would like to give you an idea of what you can expect from us:

Workshops & Ideas

No ideas? White pages? Don’t worry. We have structured ways and methods to put you on the right track. Interested?


Do you need support in the field of digitization? We are happy to provide consultation. We accept every challenge and are there for you!

Digital Goods

Be it a business card site or a complex web application. Whether App or IoT. We love challenges and create digital goods with passion.


We know how to sell online. And we can do a lot more in e-commerce. Benefit from our experience. We are happy to help.


Sometimes it is difficult to keep an eye on things. Especially when projects span several disciplines and departments. We are there for you!


Marketing and added value? Yes, that works, very well indeed. Let us help you to win customers. Long-term customers who appreciate your company.


We live remote work. For us, home office is not a special case. It is state of the art. Profit from our experience!