When the office was founded, we were very enthusiastic about our double V. And we still are today. But that vvandel.io GmbH is not necessarily suitable for pronunciation on the radio was something we didn’t consider at that time. German broadcasters NDR and R.SH overlooked this and still like to talk to us. For example, about home office in times of Corona:

– NDR: Horst und Mandy am Morgen at 19th March 2020
– R.SH: DIE WACH-MITTMANN-SHOW at 5th May 2020

And although we believe in digitization, we continue to believe in the importance of analog and regional media. That’s why we are always happy when people talk about us – and not just digitally. For example, there have already been the following stories published about us:

– wirtschaft published 05/2020: Digitalisierung ist kein fertiges Produkt
– SHZ from 17th March 2020: Aus Solidarität: Gunnar Plöhn gibt Starthilfe fürs Home-Office

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