At least that’s the impression when you look at classical marketing. In communicating a message, many companies tend to shout it out to the public. Hoping to reach interested persons in this way, so that they can then form them into customers.

The consumer has no added value in this way. Rather a company makes its marketing interchangeable. Because as soon as the competitors are louder, you are the loser. Expensive customers will then move on. And this is where content marketing comes in as a tool for long-term and sustainable marketing.

Content marketing offers the consumer added value. This can be achieved, for example, through detailed information, good advice or similar services. Not only the potential customer finds this great, the search engines also reward this. And in the end, there is a happy new customer.

What does digitalization have to do with marketing?

Just because we are primarily concerned with digitalization and digital transformation does not necessarily mean that our customers are not relying on marketing. In addition, content marketing is also technically orientated, as a lot of knowledge about SEO is necessary. Therefore it fits perfectly into our portfolio.

Do you feel the need to take different paths than in classical marketing? Or are you looking for a supplement to your existing marketing mix? We are gladly there for you!