Anyone who is thinking about digitalisation will probably have the metropolitan centres of the world in mind. Flensburg, a small town at the Baltic Sea, is not directly connected to digital transformation. But it should be. This is because one advantage of digitisation is that borders disappear and other factors become more relevant.

We deeply believe in the potential of attractive cities outside the urban areas. Because quality of life makes you creative and happy. The best conditions to be able to achieve great goals. And fortunately, we are not the only ones who see it this way. Many new and exciting companies are growing in places where you wouldn’t always expect it.

Would I need to come to Flensburg to work with you?

We work worldwide and completely digital. For us nobody has to visit our home port at the Danish border. But you are welcome to do so. We invite you to our coast: You can be sure that brainstorming sometimes gets a new meaning here.

However, we are basically flexible and will visit you as well. Whether real or virtual we will clarify in a first discussion.