True, Wilde Pracht is not the only provider of blooming patrons. Especially in Bavaria this idea has become widespread after a petition for a referendum for more insect protection. But Wilde Pracht does things differently and, above all, consequently uses the digital advantages.

The idea behind Wilde Pracht

In general a patronage of a blooming area can be acquired through Wilde Pracht. The farmer does not use an existing area for crops or livestock farming, but plants wild flowers. This is great from an ecological point of view. But from an economic point of view for the owner of the area it is not.

The farmer cannot, of course, use the land profitably in this way. And even if agriculture has a general interest in an intact ecosystem, the extreme price pressure exerted by retail forces farmers to use the available arable land as efficiently as possible.

This is where Wilde Pracht comes in. Instead of the financial burden of ecologically meaningful diversification being shouldered only by the farmer, anyone can participate. But instead of asking for “donations”, Wilde Pracht wants to create added value. The birth of blooming patronage.

The benefactor receives more than a good feeling and a meaningful use of his money. Wilde Pracht is perfectly suited as a gift. And even last-minute if necessary. The system behind the product creates a blooming card immediately after purchase. Perfect for spontaneous invitations.

Via the blooming card, the recipient (or also the giver) can register in the regularly published Info-Mail. From here one can find out how the wild flowers develop and also get some other interesting insights. The good act of sponsorship accompanies one throughout the entire blooming season.

Screenshot Wilde Pracht

The technical background

The project itself relies on a JAM stack. The Javascript framework Vue serves as the base. This allows to build static pages that are nevertheless fully dynamic. Safety relevant things were outsourced as Lamda functions. As a result, there are many individual applications that communicate with each other via API.

This has the advantage that the requirements for hosting are greatly reduced and therefore a very good scalability is given. The technical project itself would easily cope with the case that suddenly Wilde Pracht would have numerous hectares of space at its disposition, which would be completely distributed in a short time.

The API approach makes it easy to outsource applications. This means that the wheel does not have to be reinvented everywhere and best practice applications can be used. Finally, usability benefits from the use of Vue. The user feels more like running an app than a website.

The processes

During the development of Wilde Pracht, great attention was paid to the processes in the background. This is because the project is run alongside normal agriculture and should therefore not require constant attention. Thus, the complete processing of a godparenthood runs automatically and independently.

Of course, interested visitors can get into personal contact. But the processes of a patronage, which occur again and again, run over the interfaces in order to reduce time and effort. The patron also receives direct, prompt processing and benefits additionally from the fact that smaller areas can also be distributed.

Our task in the project

Since we are fully involved in this project, we were able to accompany all stages – from the idea to the first sales. This is why Wilde Pracht is perfectly suited to show our competences in their full range and is also a reason why we chose it as a case study.

We have worked on the idea, helped develop the business concept, planned the implementation, invented the brand name, developed the design, realized the hosting, built the software and established the processes. In short: Our office can accompany every stage of a project and lead it to success.

Is the concept transferable to other industries?

The concept of patronage is of course not only linked to agriculture and can be easily transferred to other fields. However, it is not even dependent on the principle of a patronage. Wilde Pracht shows very nicely that e-commerce also works beyond online shops.

For example, a similar project could be set up to promote an event. Even the creation of tickets including barcodes would be possible – and this would be tailored in such a way that the target group would be perfectly addressed and at the same time the handling by the host would not create any additional effort.

This is of course only an example. However, it shows very well that digital solutions can be adapted to numerous use cases and that new business models can be created. We are happy to support you in your challenges – we are sure to find a solution.